Thousands of deranged killers descended on the small town of Box Springs to protest the removal of its historic Charles Manson statue. "This is an outrage!" declared serial killer Buford Outlaw. "The Manson Statue is a part of American history, it's a celebration of our heritage."
Numerous groups, including Murderers United and the Bloodbath Brigade, marched through the town in a show of solidarity. "We will not be marginalized by a bunch of mentally stable moral moderates!" shouted Howard LeDouche of the American Sociopath Society.
The Charles Manson Statue has stood in front of the county court house for almost forty years. Locals look upon it with shame and bewilderment. "We don't need to be reminded of that dark period in our nation's past," said store owner Linda Geller. "It's time for the Charles Manson statue to go."
The Box Springs City Council voted 5-0 to remove the monument. But they never expected the fierce backlash from mass murderers and psychopaths around the country. "We're Americans too!" yelled child-butcher Kevin Dickman, "if you take away our hero, you'll ignite a nationwide firestorm of Manson-love."
Counter-protesters clashed in the streets with the cold blooded killers. "I savaged their fists with my face," said anti-murderer Martha Atwell, "then I bashed them in the boots with my stomach."
The Manson statue came down last night, amidst the cheers of non-killers everywhere. But the anger continues to simmer among the growing ranks of psychos and sickos.
"What's next?" said local cannibal Steve Gobble, "are they going to knock down the Jeffrey Dahmer statue?"



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