The GOP is seriously thinking about considering the possibility of pondering the idea of laying out a plan to allow the process of beginning to contemplate the notion of preparing to put together a series of thoughts about the concept of discussing the topic of eliminating dangerous and deadly assault weapons.
 "We're open-ish to it," explained Kevin Barrelchest, (R) Arkansas. "In the aftermath of this horrible mass shooting, we could very well announce to decide to declare to put this issue on the table."

 Indeed, a rumor has been floated that some in the GOP might put forth a vision to lay the groundwork to begin a dialogue to prepare to prepare to prepare a scenario whereby the decision to grapple with the likelihood of examining gun policy could be scheduled at some time in the near to far future.   

"These tragedies have to stop!" said Bull Scalpman (R) Florida. "We have to examine the details, and take a very, very, very long look at the way we might handle the upcoming leadership choice of allowing the policy guidelines to be observed for a way to wrap our heads around the bloodbath index.
In a bold move, the GOP plans to lay out a series of proposals to propose proposing a survey that will shape a potential design for a fresh new approach to current weapons laws.
 "We may consider banning anti-aircraft guns, surface-to-air missiles and suitcase nukes," said Hank Godfield (R) ND, "that's a definite maybe probably not."
"But we're not about to regulate silencers," added Braxton Strong (R) TX, "they keep neighborhoods peaceful and quiet during mass shootings."
The latest series of massacres could very well be a game-changer for even the most stalwart Republican lawmakers. "We can't just look away from this terrible problem," added Senator Scalpman, "but first we have to consult with our Lord God. Unfortunately, He goes on vacation the same day we get back from vacation."
Two months later, everyone forgot about it.
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