REAL: A series of pipe bombs were sent to prominent Democrats, CNN, and other influential liberals.

MAGA: False flag operation! Perpetrated by the Democratic Party against itself in an attempt to make the President look bad.

REAL: The bomber was captured. His van was covered with pro-Trump racist bumper stickers.

MAGA: The Democratic Party bought a bunch of GOP bumper stickers, and plastered them all over a white van, leaving it for the FBI to “find”. Obviously.

REAL: The Bomber was a loner, with strong racist beliefs. He had a long criminal record.

MAGA: The Democratic Party hired Russian hackers to change his past.

REAL: He was politically inactive until the 2016 Election. Trump inspired him. Since then he attends Trump rallies regularly. In fact, he’s a celebrity among Trump’s rallygoers.

MAGA: He’s an actor, hired by the Hollywood liberal Deep State.

REAL: We have actual video footage of him attending a Trump rally.

MAGA: Photoshopped.

REAL: He confessed to his deeds in court.

MAGA: He was tortured by Liberal-Homo-Negro-Fascists into confessing a lie!

REAL: Two plus two equals four.

MAGA: Fake News.

REAL: Air goes in your nostrils, poop comes out your bunghole.

MAGA: Leftist propaganda.

REAL: Black.

MAGA: White

REAL: Crunchy

MAGA: Chewy

REAL: Don’t put that gun in your mouth.

MAGA: I dare you to stop me.

REAL: Don’t squeeze the trigger.

MAGA: BANG!! I win.


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