The following is 2018's official list of words and phrases that will have to be dropped from the English language. They have become obsolete because they have been used to death, or now they just mean something else. Some of them have strayed so far from their original definitions, they now mean the exact opposite. Or they're just racist dog-whistles. So now they have to go. Here are the condemned words and phrases, accompanied by their current definitions:
1. Don't take this the wrong way.
ACTUAL MEANING: Take this the wrong way.

2. I hear you.
ACTUAL MEANING: I can hear you. But I'm not listening.

3. Uh-huh.
ACTUAL MEANING: (repeated) a mantra to block out someone’s endless blabbering 

4. Peace out.
ACTUAL MEANING: I have the strategic hilltop, so I can dominate you while appearing kind.

5. You're good.
ACTUAL MEANING: You’re not totally scum. So I won't call the police on you.

6. Namaste
ACTUAL MEANING: Great pick up line. Especially in Santa Monica, California.

7. Caravan
ACTUAL MEANING: Unstoppable swarm of dark-skinned terrorists.

8. Whatever floats your boat.
ACTUAL MEANING: You're weird, and I judge you.

9. Tweet
ACTUAL MEANING: Once the song of birds, now the specter of civilization's collapse. 

10. Wall.
ACTUAL MEANING: Racist dog whistle.

11. I support my president.
ACTUAL MEANING: I want to plug my nose with doggie crap.

12. Hang in there.
ACTUAL MEANING: Please continue suffering while I go party for a while. 

13. Hanging in there.
ACTUAL MEANING: Cry for help.  

14. Climate change.
ACTUAL MEANING: Cataclysmic man-made extinction event.

15. Shit Hole Country.
ACTUAL MEANING: Any country that's blacker than Norway.

16. Never Forget.
ACTUAL MEANING: Let's re-live the trauma over and over again. By choice. 

17. I'm so happy for you.
ACTUAL MEANING: I'm so jealous of you.  

18. Did you know?
ACTUAL MEANING: Three words that make you slam the phone down.

19. I'll circle back.
ACTUAL MEANING: I claim to return, but you’ll never see me again

20. Team (as a prefix)
ACTUAL MEANING: Conformist hive-mind lockstep suppression

21. Would you like anything else with that?
ACTUAL MEANING: Would you like to die of a heart attack?
Anti News ©2018 Chris Hume