June 25, 2023: Stacie McNabb hid in a dumpster as the Alabama Sanctity Squads scoured the nearby bushes. The 12-year-old had to cover at least three miles of swampy darkness to reach the safe house. Stacie, 5 months pregnant by her father, was a runaway "incubator." If she could make it to the rendezvous point by midnight, she and a dozen other girls would be aboard a disguised fuel tanker destined for the free state of Illinois.

Welcome to the Female Underground Railroad. The loosely organized network of secret routes and safe houses established in Post-Roe America has helped thousands of women and girls to reclaim their freedom.

But safety is far from guaranteed. The Alabama Sanctity Squads (A.S.S.) recently infiltrated and neutralized several locations, capturing numerous young girls and sending them to breeding plantations throughout the state. “The Female Underground Railroad is resilient and will continue to grow,” said a masked rebel. “We adapt and change locations on a regular basis, staying one step ahead of A.S.S.”

But A.S.S. sees it differently. “We can’t let these incubators run off and butcher their miracles,” said commander Sloot Hardwick. “Weekend hangings will set a godly example, plus they’ll make for awesome tailgate parties.”

The journey is long and dangerous. Runaways often have to cross through several rape states before reaching the Free North. Little 12-year-old Stacie McNabb was lucky. She traveled at night, evading numerous checkpoints, making it to freedom. But her daddy-husband wasn't so pleased. "My baby's a baby killer," he drawled. "At least I've got six more daughter-wives."

“It’s 1830 all over again,” said Female Underground Railroad Founder Kim Ainsworth, “Maybe I'll get my face on the $20 bill in a couple of centuries.”


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