A few months after 9/11/2001:

In a stunning rebuke to the justice process, Al Qaeda voted against forming an independent commission to investigate the devastating attacks of  9/11/2001.

“Get over it, it was just a little accident”, said Al Qaeda Senator Blindsey Blaham. “Why waste time dwelling on the past?”

“A couple of planes hit a couple of buildings, whatever”, said Al Qaeda congressman Blevin McBlarthy, “we don’t need to politicize it with some silly investigation.”

“They were patriots, just taking a joy-ride in the sky,” explained Al Qaeda senator Blitch McBlonnell. “Let it go!”

But some are daring to speak out. “Why would anyone NOT want to investigate 9/11?” said Al Qaeda critic Blitt Blomney, “the American people deserve an answer, before it happens again!” Blitt’s head was used for a soccer ball that afternoon.

Almost 15% of Americans believe that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by “democrat-libs” to make Al Qaeda look bad. “It was ANTIFA masquerading as Al Qaeda, and thousands of crisis actors playing dead people!” hollered Blucker Blarlson on the Al Qaeda & Friends talk show.

Now that Al Qaeda has successfully blocked any inquiry into 9/11, we may never know who was behind the terrible tragedy that day. “No one was behind anything, because nothing happened!” exclaimed former Al Qaeda leader Blonald J. Blump.

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